How much is too much weight to gain in one year?

Answer On One Hand: Healthy Individuals Do Not Need to Gain WeightFor people who are not pregnant or underweight, weight gain is not necessary throughout the year. On average, an intake of 100 calories mo... Read More »

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Why do i eat so much but i dont gain any weight?

It has to be the amounts of foods you eat and the types, and the times you eat.Try eating three meals per day with a snack at morning tea time, afternoon tea time and a supper about an hour before ... Read More »

How much more weight should i gain (guy)?

You probably only gained upper body weight because you didn't work out your legs. That's the way that works. Eat as much protein and complex carbohydrates as you possibly can, you will gain weight,... Read More »

How Much Weight Should a Breastfed Baby Gain?

Bacteria adhering to a surface form complex matrix-embedded communities called biofilms. These communities are difficult to dislodge and play an important role in the development of infection. The ... Read More »

How much weight should one gain during pregnancy?

The amount of weight a woman should gain when pregnant depends on whether she had a healthy BMI (body mass Index) before pregnancy. Women with a healthy pre-pregnancy BMI should gain between 25 and... Read More »