How much is too much television for a 2 yr old?

Answer Any! A few minutes here and there won't kill them, but it's really not good for them.Their eyesight is still developing, so staring at a screen for long periods of time can cause that development t... Read More »

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How much does television advertising cost?

The cost of television advertising depends on the scope of your advertising campaign. According to Gaebler, a national television ad costs about $350,000 to produce, but you can do this with about ... Read More »

How much was the television license when the BBC first it began?

The UK television licence is paid by all households using a television. The fees collected are passed to the BBC and fund the organization. Currently, the BBC provide 5 national channels and numero... Read More »

How much time do kids spend watching television?

According to a 2009 survey by The Nielsen Co., children ages two to five years old watch almost 25 hours of television each week, while children ages six to 11 years old watch 22 hours of televisio... Read More »

How much money get paid to Indian television actors monthly?

Salaries for TV actors in India has increased significantly. Most new actors are earning, on average, Rs. 15,000 per day. Meanwhile senior actors can command as much as Rs.100,000 per day.