How much is too much exercise?

Answer did u put on fat? or do u look leaner or bulkier? i mean it's prob muscle unless u ate TERRIBLY 20hrs is a lot in a week but in actuallity bodybuilders that are in their cutting stage looking to bu... Read More »

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How much exercise is too much during pregnancy?

Exercise during pregnancy is highly recommended by many doctors and health organizations. Determining how much exercise is too much during pregnancy depends on several factors.Pre-Pregnancy HealthW... Read More »

How can a woman get six-pack abs What to eat, when, how much Exercise-how much, what types?

Getting a nice set of abs is such a misunderstood process. It's actually a lot easier than most people think which is why most people are in a never ending quest to get that perfect six pack - it's... Read More »

How much do you exercise?

How much exercise is recommended a day?