How much is this worth?

Answer I dont know x) Sowwie :3

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How much is this tv worth?

It's not 1080i - it's 720P, and it's a low-end brand.A similar TV costs around $600 new from newegg now. Used, I'd say $300-$400 bucks, tops.

How much would this be worth?

Go to e-bay and see what people are asking, and see what it's selling for.

How much is this custom desktop worth?

Parts alone will run around $800 with a 64bit OS.So, anything under $1,000 built would be a steal.

How much would this be worth to you [iPhone]?

since this is your business, there is no price to your "secret"......... its like me asking for KFCs secret recipe or Coke's recipe... you cant put a price on it.if you do, you'll get competition a... Read More »