How much is the value of a Royal typewriter?

Answer According to Dr. Richard Polt, author of Xavier University's Classic Typewriter Page, as of November 2009 Royal typewriter values average between $10 to $200, depending on the model, year and condi... Read More »

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Royal Typewriter Identification?

In a marketing stunt, the Royal 10 Typewriter was thrown from airplanes to show it was the strongest and sturdiest typewriter anywhere, according to Distinguishing features s... Read More »

How to Use a 1940s Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter?

Ernest Hemingway wrote most of his novels on one. Millions of others used them, too, making the Royal Quiet Deluxe the best-selling typewriter of the 1930s and 1940s. Compact and relatively lightwe... Read More »

How much value will a new roof add to a home's value?

None. When appraising a home, a bad rood will discount your sales price by roughly $7,800 for a home that's 3500 square feet, or roughly $2.14 per square foot. So a new roof will only allow you to... Read More »

How much is this antique typewriter worth?

go on ebay and try to find your typewriter or something similar, that will give you a good ideahonestly probably not much at all. I have two 90 year old typewriters in excellent condition, and i w... Read More »