Cain i activate a tmobile sim card with a purhased phone from tmobile?

Answer yes but you would have to unlock your phone first than you can do it thats what i just did like 2 days ago

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How much is an iphone 4 on contract for tmobile?

It's free when you go in the store ( as so I saw on the website ) but they said its like 50$ a month .

How much is a data plan on tmobile?

10$ for 200mb and 20 for unlimited or 2.00$ for every mb you use

How much does the iPhone 4g cost for tmobile?

IPhone isn't available for TMobile. Only At&t and know Verizon. It used to be $100 and knowi think it's $350

How much is the LG CYON Lollipop 2 phone in $ (U.S.), will it work with my tmobile simecard?

Im not sure how much it is, and im not sure about tmobile, but i m friend has the lollipop 1 with verizon. you can get it at any korean phone shop in garden grove, ca or korea town (los angeles)