Wich is much better a sidekick slide or an sidekick lx?

Answer sidekick lx

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How do i set up my signature on the sidekick 2008?

Well you can't really set up a signature but you can do this: on the main screen hit the Menu button, go to Settings, then Autotext and Spelling, go down to Automatic Word Replacement, click the Me... Read More »

T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 help?

Check the manual it will provide information on how to change the settings for that phone. I can't wait to get my sidekick 2008 :]

How to Upload Themes Onto a Sidekick 2008?

Uploading themes onto a Sidekick 2008 (also called the gecko or 08) is simple and will only take a few minutes.

How to Set a General Ringtone on Your Sidekick 2008?

If you have the sidekick 2008 version, and you don't know how to change your ringtone, keep reading for the steps!