Are any pennies worth more than one cent?

Answer The most expensive penny is the 1793 Sheldon Chain cent, according to Most Also known as Sheldon 1-4 or NC-1 pennies, there are fewer than 2,000 of these pennies today, and each is v... Read More »

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How much is a red 4 cent Lincoln stamp worth?

Receive a Ministry degree from an accredited college plus either enroll in ROTC while at college or apply to Officer Candidate School after graduation and be commissioned as in Officer. In a Battle... Read More »

Which tastes better burnt The 40-cent mac and cheese or the 33-cent french fries?

Well I like crispy French fries, but my mom burnt me out on the 33 cent French fries... soI'm going to say the 40 cent mac and cheese is better, because you can mix in extra cheese and mask the bur... Read More »

Who is the most underrated rapper and the most overrated rapper?

Am I just like 50 cent?