How much is the range of weft density in a carpet?

Answer How is width density described in Carpet In woven carpet that is called Pitch & In tufted carpet it is called "gauge" Pitch is the number of rows across 27" of weft.. so a 180 Pitch would have 180 ... Read More »

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What is carpet quality and density?

Carpet quality is determined by a combination of six factors: fiber, pile, twists, stitching, durability weighting and face weight. These factors are all directly related to the carpet's density.Ca... Read More »

What is the difference between low density&high density heating elements?

The density of a heating element in a water heater refers to the wattage of the element in relation to the amount of its surface area. As the elements density lowers, so does the temperature at whi... Read More »

How to Sew a Weft Onto a Wig?

Wigs are a versatile fashion accessory that can be styled or cut much like real hair. Extensions can be used to lengthen them or make them fuller. You can add extensions to wigs by simply sewing ha... Read More »

How to Weft a Wig?

Wefts are what wigs are made of. When you weft a wig, you sew loose hair together to form a row of hair and sew it horizontally into the undermesh between the existing wefts on the wig. Wefts are a... Read More »