How much is the installation on vinyl flooring?

Answer Vinyl flooring installation fees can start as low as $1 per square foot, depending on the flooring you choose. Complex jobs, such as abnormally shaped rooms or rooms with vents in the floor may cos... Read More »

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Is vinyl flooring installation expensive?

Vinyl flooring installation is not expensive compared to other flooring options. Vinyle flooring is far less expensive than hardwood flooring but may not last as long and will be of lesser quality,... Read More »

How much does installation cost for flooring?

it depends on what type of flooring you are going to use. all flooring prices are not the same. what kind of flooring are you planning on using? you can save money by moving your appliances.pulling... Read More »

How much does it cost for installation of unfinished hardwood flooring?

Unfinished hardwood floor installation costs will vary depending on staining and finishing costs, method of installation, such as nail-down, glue-down or click together boards. Average estimate pri... Read More »

How much does Home Depot charge for laminate flooring installation?

Home Depot floor installation costs are dependent upon several factors. These factors include the size of your room, the type of flooring you select and your area of the country. To get an estimate... Read More »