What if your iPhone 3GS is on a 2 year contract with O2 but you wish to sell it after 3 months on eBay therefore can a buyer who also is on a O2 pay monthly contract pop their sim card in and use the?

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If you bought a 3 year contract for an iPhone but you lost the phone will you have to pay the full price of a new iPhone?

If you are located in the United States, then your carrier would be AT&T. Yes, you would have to pay the full unsubsidized price for a replacement iPhone, regardless of it being lost or stolen. You... Read More »

Can you buy an iphone without a 2 year contract?

If you go to eBay and you can find one that way just type in iPhone without contract some are new and some are used!

If i buy an iPhone from AT&T will i have to get a 2 year contract?

You either pay the full price up front (no contract), or pay a lot less up front & sign a contract. They don't care whether you use it or not as long you pay for it.

2-year-contract with iphone 4s?