How much is the fee for filing taxes late?

Answer The fee for filing federal taxes late is 5 percent of the taxes due for each month after the date the taxes should have been filed, according to the Internal Revenue Service. After 60 days, the tax... Read More »

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Can You Be Penalized for Filing Late Taxes?

Every April working people are required to file a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Filing taxes can be daunting, sometimes downright overwhelming, which prompts procrastination ... Read More »

Is there a penalty for filing taxes late?

If a taxpayer fails to file an extension with the Internal Revenue Service, the penalty is five percent per month on the amount of taxes owed to the government. This amount cannot exceed a total of... Read More »

How Do I Calculate the Late Penalty for Filing Taxes?

All taxpayers who do not pay the full amount of their tax owed by April 15 will be assessed a failure-to-pay penalty. Those who owe tax and do not file, or postmark, their returns on or before Apr... Read More »

How much can you earn without filing taxes?

The requirements for filing a tax return varies between each individual circumstance. Some income such as child support is considered non-taxable income. If you have earned more than $400 in self-e... Read More »