How much is the cigarette tax in Alabama?

Answer As of January 1, 2010, Alabama has a tax rate of 42.5 cents per package. Thanks to this low tax rate, Alabama is ranked 46th in terms of states with the highest cigarette tax rates, as it falls wel... Read More »

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How much is the new cigarette tax in Alabama?

As of April 2010, the cigarette tax rate is 42.5 cents per pack. This makes Alabama one of only eight states that impose a tax of less than 50 cents per pack on cigarettes. In 2009, State Rep. Patr... Read More »

How much is the cigarette tax in ID?

The tax on a standard pack of 20 cigarettes sold in the state of Idaho is a fixed amount of 57 cents, according to the Idaho Tax Commission. The tax is paid to the Idaho Tax Commission by cigarette... Read More »

How much nicotine is in one cigarette?

There's an average amount of 1mg of nicotine in one cigarette. Individuals who smoke about one pack of cigarettes per day are ingesting about 20mg of nicotine per day. Nicotine like other drugs is ... Read More »

How much nicotine was in a cigarette in 1612?

Cigarettes as we know them were not invented until the 19th century, so it isn't possible to say how much nicotine was in a cigarette in 1612. The invention of cigarettes has been attributed both t... Read More »