How much is the average nursery a week?

Answer 20 pun

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Nursery Rhymes Week...?

There are a lot of literacy and math components that can be worked into nursery rhmes...if that interests you, just email. For now I'll assume projects you mean art and craft.Baa Baa: Sponge pain... Read More »

The Average Salary of a Retail Nursery Manager?

A retail nursery manager oversees the daily operations of a lawn and garden retail store that includes the sale of plants of various descriptions. A nursery manager's duties includes overseeing nur... Read More »

What is the difference between a nursery nurse and a nursery assistant?

A Nursery Nurse has a formal qualification - NNEB - which requires at least two years college training and she can run her own nursery, be left in charge of pre-school age children and can supervis... Read More »

Seriously, how many lip glosses do you buy in an average week?

its not that i buy a lot per week, its that when i do buy them, i buy them in like packages of 10 or 20 at a time....seriously