How much is the acceptable average or percentage for a tip in a U.S. restaurant?

Answer 15 to 20 percent

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What is the maximum acceptable percentage of gold in a solder joint?

The electronics industry recognizes 3 percent by weight as the maximum acceptable level of gold in solder, according to Ed Hare, Ph.D., with SEM Lab, Inc. Solder containing higher levels of gold is... Read More »

What is the acceptable owner to renter percentage in an 18 unit condo building?

The ratio you mention can be a key factor considered by a bank in lending money to a prospective owner.A building with too many renters may appear to the banker like a building with too high a risk... Read More »

If you order a bottle of wine at a restaurant and don't finish it, is it acceptable to take the rest home?

depends on the laws of the state. in BC canada, it is fine. i don't think it is bad taste,either. hello? you just paid a 200% mark up for a bottle of wine!

When you go to a restaurant and receive good service, how much (in percentage) do you tip?

OK, so you're in Cali?, high cost of living and all to be considered.NO less than 20%, unless it was sub-standard service. Then 15% would be OK.If you don't want to tip appropriately, then go groce... Read More »