Moving music from itunes library to Dare by LG -verizon?

Answer This is a link to the user guide for this phone. good luck…

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How to Send a Music Text to a Verizon Dare Cell Phone?

When you want to send a music file to a Verizon Dare cell phone for the purpose of using it as a ringtone or simply getting the file so you can listen to it from the phone, the process is different... Read More »

How much the iPhone 4 cost from Verizon?

It depends what you're mad about, when I'm mad I just take a breath and relax. You can try things like listening to soothing music and relaxing too.

How much is an Iphone 4 from Verizon wireless?

You can add videos on your iphone through you iTunes. Simply plug in your iPhone to your computer, pull up iTunes, select your device, and select the video tab.

How much is a 16GB iPhone 4 from Verizon?

the iphone 4 is now only available in 8gb and it's 99 on apple's site + contract