How much is the Ideal Baby Crissy life-sized doll worth?

Answer On One Hand: Wrapped Crissy DollThe company, Ideal, no longer exists. This means unwrapped life-sized Crissy dolls become more and more scarce with each passing year. A wrapped doll in mint conditi... Read More »

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Baby doll recommendations! I am looking for a baby doll that would perhaps fit into newborn baby clothing?

I used to have a my buddy doll, but they make kid sisters. they're huge! my buddy (I named him andrew) was my size.…I don't think that link will post becau... Read More »

How to Make a Life-sized Tree?

Full-sized, fake trees can be used to decorate your home for Halloween, add scenery for a stage play, add a special touch to a classroom or any number of other applications. You can make your own f... Read More »

How much is the first I Love Lucy doll worth?

Issued by Mattel in 1997, the first I Love Lucy doll is worth on average $55 to $95, depending on condition of doll and original packaging.Source:Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll 2008: Ident... Read More »

What is the ideal cure for a Mid Life Crisis?

Positive thought and set yourself goals and targets to acheive only make them realistic