How much do you have to pay for holding phone I am an international student so I have to stop the phone for about 23 months If I am planning to use Sprint how much do I have to pay per month?

Answer go to settings the go to format

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How much does a phone call cost on a cell phone bill?

It depends on a lot of things. Your company, plan, and how long the call is.

How much more would your phone be with unity package i have hihspeed and a phone line.? in your address and find the best deal in your area!!!!

Nokia lumia 520 users how much heat does the phone produce and how soon the phone gets heated up.?

all modern smartphone heats up while gaming or browsing internet its common.join this windowsphone group to know more about 520…

How much is a phone?

The cost of a telephone depends on the type and style of phone. Home and business phones range from $10 to $200. A cell phone can cost anywhere from $5 to $100,000, in extreme cases, but the averag... Read More »