How to Draw a Doggy?

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How to Make a Doggy Spa?

Doggy SpaYou know when you want to make your dog feel like a queen or king this is how to

How to Make a Doggy Parfait?

Putting peanut butter in a Kong toy is fun to watch, but it gets everywhere. There are other things to fill a Kong toy with, however, and a parfait is the perfect thing to keep an overactive dog busy!

How to Make a Doggy Treat?

Is your dog whining? Would you like to train him with treats? Do you not have time to go out and buy treats? You can make this in ten minutes and less!

Can you get pregnant doing it doggy style?

PregnancyYes, you can become pregnant using any position during coitus.Doing it "doggy style," however, may result in a litter of puppies. (Seriously speaking: one myth is that it may guarantee you... Read More »