How much is tanzanite worth?

Answer It is difficult to say the exact value of tanzanite in general since the size, quality and coloring of the stone will affect the gross worth. However, for estimating purposes, as of December 2009,... Read More »

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What Is a Tanzanite Gem?

Tanzanite is a rare blue gemstone that is found in East Africa. describes it as the crystalline form of the mineral zoisite and explains that zoisite forms in the presence of vanadiu... Read More »

What is Tanzanite used for?

Tanzanite is a gemstone that is only mined in the African country of Tanzania. It is used in jewelry and comes in many different shades of blue, ranging from violet-blue to aquamarine blue.Source:I... Read More »

Where is tanzanite found?

Tanzanite is highly desirable for its beautiful blue hues and relative rarity. This gemstone is only found in one part of the world--the Usumburu mountains (or Merelani Hills) of Tanzania, which is... Read More »

How to Buy a Tanzanite Online?

The modern birthstone for December, Tanzanite is the only gemstone to be added to the official birthstone list of 1912.Apart from blue topaz and turquoise,Tanzanite is chosen by December born, as w... Read More »