How much is short-term coverage health insurance?

Answer Short-term health insurance will vary greatly based on location, age, sex and medical history. As of November 2009, a healthy, non-smoking male under 30 averages $150 per month for a short-term pol... Read More »

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Can your employer cancel your health insurance when you are on short term or long term disability because you did not make a payment on your insurance like is normally done through your paycheck?

Your employer's obligation to pay premiums normally stops when your paycheck does, that is, when your medical and personal leave is exhausted, and there is nothing left to deduct the premiums with.... Read More »

How do you find short term medical insurance coverage for approximately 6 months until medicare kicks in?

It depends on the insurance company, and whether or not they offer temporary coverage. The temporary coverage may also have age restrictions. If you are turning 65 and going on Medicare, you may qu... Read More »

Short-Term Health Insurance Information?

People experience the need for short-term health insurance for a variety of reasons, including being between employment or after college. Going without health insurance, even temporarily, can be co... Read More »

How to Get Affordable Short Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance is a valid option for people who do not need coverage for a long period. Short-term health insurance, or temporary health insurance as it is sometimes called, provides a... Read More »