Blu Ray worth it with 720p plasma?

Answer As someone who's worked in the industry for 8 years, I've seen LOTS of flat screens, and been lucky enough to do many side-by-side comparisons. Definitely go Blu-Ray. The jump in picture quality is... Read More »

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Is it worth me getting Blu-ray now, if my Plasma is not Full HD?

I disagree with the earlier posters.Short answer is there would be, at best, slight visible improvement. The degree and whether the degree of difference would be worthwhile would depend on you.You ... Read More »

Is it worth buying a plasma?

LED has great viewing angles but very expensive, I don't think it's worth it. All of my televisions are LCDs. Definitely get an LCD.

Is it worth getting extended warranty for Plasma HDTV's?

I need a 15 ft HDMI-HDMI cable for a plasma TV. Needs to be "in-wall" rated. Is MONSTER worth it Thanks.?

I like the quality of Monster but not the price. If your looking for a really low price try this site.…But here's a quality cable for a lot less than Monst... Read More »