How to Get a Serving Job?

Answer Waiting tables may be a difficult job, but it's a good way to make money with a flexible schedule. Get in with a good restaurant and your tips can be substantial, and good tips can pay the bills. ... Read More »

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What are the best shoes for serving?

If one is going to become a waiter(ess), the most important part of the uniform is the shoes. They must have a closed toe to protect the foot from falling items, and be comfortable to walk in for 8... Read More »

What is the serving size on a big bag of m&m's?

Ever since M&M's were introduced to servicemen during World War II, kids and adults have enjoyed the colorful candy. One serving size of M&M's is 30 pieces or 21g. A serving has 103 calories, 4.4g... Read More »

Why when i buy protein it always say how many per serving, what is that mean?

I assume you are talking about the powder an it means if you want one serving you put one measurement into a glass, and then add one measurement of water.You then look at how much the serving is an... Read More »

How many men are currently serving in the US military?

Approximately 1.5 million active servicemen + 850,000 in reserve in the Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, and Coast Guard combined.