How much is one pip in Forex trading?

Answer A pip's value will vary according to the current trading trend in Forex and the currency exchange rate. The pip is the smallest price change, or move, and is generally equivalent to 1/100 of a perc... Read More »

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How much do you have to invest to start Forex trading?

The minimum amount required to open a standard Forex account is usually $2,000. However, many Forex brokers offer mini accounts that you can open with as little as $250. This may not seem like much... Read More »

Is Forex trading tax-free?

Forex trading is not tax-free. The forex tax code is complex, but the IRS does outline the tax implications for forex trading. Some types of forex trades are subject to the lower 60/40 tax treatmen... Read More »

Definition of FOREX Trading?

Foreign currency exchange, or Forex, is the largest financial market in the world. It is sometimes also referred to as the FX market. Traders speculate on the values of currencies, and they profit ... Read More »

How to Be Disciplined in Forex Trading?

What do you think the key for forex trading? It is not the perfect strategy, but perfect discipiline. Discipline is a controlled behavior. So in forex trading you must have a controlled behavior wh... Read More »