How much is new carpet?

Answer According to Bob, you can purchase carpet for as little as $8 per square yard. That doesn't include the padding you will need to have put in under the carpet or the cost of the installati... Read More »

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If carpet is 11.26 per sq yard and the carpet is 12' width how much is it per lineal foot?

Every 9 inches of a roll with a 12-foot width is a square yard. This means every lineal or running foot of 12-foot wide carpet is 1 1/3 square yards of carpet. If carpet is $11.26 per square yard, ... Read More »

How much will it cost to carpet a room that measure 12 by 9 feet if the installed carpet cost 12 per square yard?

How much carpet in square yards is needed to carpet a room that is 30 feet long and 13 feet wide?

Carpet comes in a few different widths. The most common being 12' and second most common being 15' widths. The carpet and rug institute which sets the standards used by carpet installers stated th... Read More »

If a carpet cost 1.95 a square foot how much would it cost to carpet a room siz 12' x 12'?

12 x 12 = 144 square feetThe cost would be 1.95 x 144 or 280.80280 dollars? 280 Euros? You didn't specify any monetary units.