How much is needed to open a daycare?

Answer Starting your own daycare can be satisfying and profitable, however, there are many steps that are needed and costs that need to be considered before opening one. You need to think about loans, gra... Read More »

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Classes That Are Needed in a Child Daycare?

Child daycare centers are places where infants and preschoolers are looked after while their parents are at work. According to the Health of Children website, 64 percent of mothers with children un... Read More »

Preschool Curriculum for Home Daycare Needed. Any suggestions?

well you can get paper n daily let let trace ocer letters that you write on a paper to hand out so they start to get used to writing, incorporate a color of the week or any item theme n let them fa... Read More »

DESPERATE OPINION NEEDED-what do you think of the name, jumpin' jennibeans preschool for a daycare name?

Here's my shouldn't name your business something that people will be embarrassed to say. "Where does your kid go to daycare?" "Jumpin' Jennibeans," mumbling...embarrassed.There was some... Read More »

What do I need to open my own daycare?

Starting your own daycare business can be an adventure, but it's not a glorified babysitting service. Launching such a business requires research, hard work and dedication to make it a success.Rule... Read More »