How much is my junk car worth?

Answer On One Hand: Sell It For Top ValueWith thorough research and a little luck, you could wring $1,000 or more out of your junk car. The metal alone could yield $200 a ton when scrap metal prices are h... Read More »

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How much is sir Alan sugar worth worth?

Who wants my junk?

I use to give away stuff like that to my neighbor's kids.... or you can go on and post it up for free so people who would actually put it use....can come get it...

How big would a guy's junk have to be?

I'd never run away, I'm always ready for a challenge. Where there's a will there's a way is the old adage

Are HDs junk?

Actually the Honda's made in Ohio, are mostly USA made parts, I have read several articles about them having to lend money to local Ohio businesses to buy the machinery needed to make the higher sp... Read More »