How much is my Polaroid camera worth?

Answer Vintage camera value depends on cosmetic condition, functional condition and desirability among enthusiasts. Most Polaroid cameras do not rank very high in all three of these traits which is why m... Read More »

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How much is my Polaroid Automatic 103 Land camera worth?

The Polariod Automatic 103 Land camera, which was originally produced from 1965 to 1967, retailed for $90 at the release; in 2009, the camera can be purchased on eBay for $4 to $40 plus tax and shi... Read More »

What Camera Is Better the Polaroid Digital Camera I737 or the Polaroid Digital Camera I735?

Once a name synonymous with instant printing cameras, Polaroid has developed a robust brand to include such diverse products as printers, digital cameras, LCD televisions and even sunglasses. Among... Read More »

Will Polaroid 600 film work in my Polaroid 1000 camera?

Traditional Polaroid 600 film will work in Polaroid's PIC 1000 camera, a redesign of the Polaroid OneStep camera. The PIC 1000 was unveiled in January 2010 at the International Consumer Electronics... Read More »

How much is my Vintage POLAROID LAND CAMERA MODEL 150 AND 800?

Why do you want to know? I assume you are wanting to sell it?I quite often see the question on YA how much someone should sell their camera for (i.e. how much it is worth). If you would like to rea... Read More »