How much is my Noritake china worth?

Answer On One Hand: Which Backstamp Does It Have?Noritake china can be dated by its back stamp; approximately 40 different back stamps have been used over the years. The original back stamp is a capital M... Read More »

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How much would a 12 piece setting of Rosa Noritake Chine set be worth that is from the 1950's?

Go to the linked website. Look up the various pieces that you have and you will know the retail price of the individual pieces. From that you can approximate what it is worth. Keep in mind that it ... Read More »

How do I identify Noritake china?

MarkingsFlip over a dinner plate and inspect the markings on the back. The Noritake stamp used to mark patterns has changed significantly over the years; even if a pattern number isn't printed ther... Read More »

How to Sell Noritake China?

The Noritake Company began exporting western style china in 1914, eventually exporting products to over 100 countries, according to the “History of Noritake” at The Noritake ... Read More »

How do I identify a Noritake china pattern?

Identification MarkingOn the back or bottom of your Noritake piece, you will find either numbers or words. Words indicate the name of the pattern. Older and discontinued pieces will only have numbe... Read More »