How much is my 2011 mbp 17" i7 2.2 gig with 8 gigs ram/?

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Can I install 2x1 gigs in a computer that has 2x512 gigs for a total of 3gigs?

Do you think PCs will ever have like 128 gigs of RAM?

Great question. It kind of puts things into perspective with regards to how ridiculous things have become these days ie. Quad Cores, 4gigs RAM, Terrabyte Hard Drives. All of it completely insane, w... Read More »

How many gigs is the iPhone 3g available in?

8GB and 16GB models. See the related link below for a link to the iphone spec.

Can the ram for an HP DV9000 be 2 gigs?

The HP Pavilion DV9000 supports 2GB memory module only in models with an AMD processor. Although 2GB memory modules may also work if the DV9000 has an Intel processor, only modules up to 1 GB are o... Read More »