How much is monopoly on the iPhone?

Answer 33.70

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How much money comes with the standard game of Monopoly?

The standard game of Monopoly comes with $15,140. The denominations contained in the set are $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and $500. The money is used to buy the 28 properties, 22 of which can be imp... Read More »

New iphone it's a world phone and how much coast iphone without contract.?

they are really expensive, but i actually found a site that's offereing cheaper ones. if you put in your zip code at , they'll give you info on shipments and quantity of i... Read More »

How much will it cost you to upgrade from iPhone 3G to the new iPhone 4 with At and t?

If you've been with AT&T for atleast a year it will cost you $200 and a two year contract.

How much will the iPhone 3g be priced at in the UK when the iPhone 3gs is launched?

I personally don't think the price will differ much from its US price of $ 199 and $ 299 depending on memory. It'll be quite the same in equivalent.