How much is minimum wage in maryland?

Answer Starting on July 24 in 2009, Maryland's minimum wage became $7.25 per hour. Most employees are also entitled to time and a half if they work more than 40 hours in a single week. Restaurant servers ... Read More »

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What year did the federal minimum wage go into effect&how much was the minimum wage?

The United States has not always had a minimum-wage law. The federally mandated minimum-wage law began in 1938. It was enacted by the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. At the time, the federall... Read More »

How much is the us minimum wage?

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal minimum wage increased to $7.25 on July 24, 2009. Workers under 20 can be paid $4.25 per hour during their first 90 days of employment. Employ... Read More »

How much is the minimum wage in texas?

Starting on July 24, 2009, Texas's minimum wage became $7.25 per hour. The minimum wage increased in conjunction with the increase of the federally mandated minimum wage, which occurred on the same... Read More »

How much is minimum wage in Georgia?

As of July 24, 2009, the federal minimum wage for the state of Georgia is $7.25 per hour. Some workers are covered only by the state of Georgia; this minimum wage rate is $5.15 per hour.Source:Geor... Read More »