How much is liposuction in Utah?

Answer The cost of liposuction varies depending on how much fat has to be removed, the areas it is being removed from, and the doctor performing the procedure. In Utah, the range for liposuction of the th... Read More »

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How much are CCs in liposuction?

A cc, also known as a cubic centimeter, is equal to 1 milliliter (ml). How many ccs that are taken from the body will depend on which area is being liposuctioned and can range up to 5,000 or more.S... Read More »

How much is liposuction?

The cost of liposuction will depend on the body area where the procedure is performed and the individual surgeon's fee. As of 2009, the price for liposuction on the abdomen ranges from $3,000 to $7... Read More »

How much is liposuction in Canada?

Liposuction in Canada will cost approximately $2,500 for the first location and approximately $1,500 for each additional surgery location performed at the same time. Price will vary depending on th... Read More »

How much is liposuction in Ontario?

In Canada, an individual seeking liposuction can expect to pay as little as $1,000 and upwards of $20,000 or more. Costs of liposuction in Ontario vary on a case by case basis and are determined by... Read More »