How much is lawn care?

Answer As of 2009, depending on the size of your yard and area you live in, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 or more per month for lawn care. Many companies either charge per acre or use a ... Read More »

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How much should I charge for lawn care?

The amount varies according to the size of the lawn and the amount of care required. However, suggests a $35 minimum charge with $40 average for average-sized lawns and $50 to... Read More »

How to Use 2,4-D in Lawn Care?

A 2,4-D herbicide is a postemergent formula that kills weeds after they germinate without preventing their reappearance. This type of herbicide comes in granular and liquid form, and both are for u... Read More »

How to Advertise Lawn Care?

Thinking about making extra money by mowing lawns? okay, well you've got everything in order except there's one problem... where /how do you start advertising?

How do I care for a lawn in September?

FertilizeFertilize your lawn in September with a regular lawn fertilizer like a 21-7-14 NPK--nitrogen-potassium-phosphorus. Apply an herbicide for perennial weeds because the plants are preparing f... Read More »