How much is lawn care?

Answer As of 2009, depending on the size of your yard and area you live in, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 or more per month for lawn care. Many companies either charge per acre or use a ... Read More »

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How to Use 2,4-D in Lawn Care?

A 2,4-D herbicide is a postemergent formula that kills weeds after they germinate without preventing their reappearance. This type of herbicide comes in granular and liquid form, and both are for u... Read More »

What does LCO mean in lawn care?

In lawn care, the acronym LCO refers to a lawn care operator, or the person in charge of a lawn care or landscaping business. Although it is not difficult to enter the lawn care business, building ... Read More »

What is the first step for lawn care?

The first step to lawn care is removing weeds and any other type of overgrowth or thatch buildup. Remove any serious weed infestations with a grape hoe, making sure to expose the soil underneath.So... Read More »

How much should I charge for lawn care?

The amount varies according to the size of the lawn and the amount of care required. However, suggests a $35 minimum charge with $40 average for average-sized lawns and $50 to... Read More »