How much is laser eye surgery in Canada?

Answer Laser eye surgery has been performed on human patients regularly since 1985, and while there are several centers in the United States that offer the surgery, thousands of people travel to Canada ea... Read More »

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How much does Laser Surgery Cost?

Freckles will always come and the best is to accept it as it is, but how much it will cost depends how much is to do and who is doing it. So you have to ask the doctor or even the hospital about th... Read More »

How much does gluacoma laser surgery cost?

The cost of glaucoma laser surgery, as of the year 2009, starts at $1269 when performed in an Ambulatory Surgery Center on an out-patient basis and $5333 when performed in a hospital. These figures... Read More »

How much does fractional laser surgery cost?

Based on national averages, fractional laser surgery costs range between as low as $800 for single sessions to as high as $9,000 for multiple sessions. The average national cost for fractional lase... Read More »

How much does laser skin surgery cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, physicians charge an average of $2,378 to perform one session of laser skin surgery. After the expense of anesthesia, operation facilities and... Read More »