How much is it to wire a new house?

Answer The price of rewiring your house would really depend on how accessible certain parts of it are. If you have an attic and a basement, you are facing expenses of around $4,000 to twice as much. If yo... Read More »

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What size wire is used to wire a house?

The most common type of wiring used in houses in the Unites States is called Romex, and is technically known as NMD 90. This cable is typically white and houses two conductor wires and a bare groun... Read More »

When installing a Y-shaped electric range plug and it has places for three wires and you have a black wire white wire and a bare copper wire so which wire goes where?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service.(LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer] Electricity is dangerous! You can be injured or killed! Improper installations can ca... Read More »

How much to re-wire a house?

Call the guy who said he would do if for 4000 and get it in writing. No way can you get a bid off yahoo for a whole house rewire. Anyone that gives you a price would be negligent. Not knowing the l... Read More »

How much does it cost to re-wire a house?

Depends on circuits required, and number-of-points (lights, switches, sockets).Anywhere between 1200-2500 quid. And there is NO requirement to change socket/switch heights on a rewire (applies ONLY... Read More »