How much is it to replace brake pads&rotors?

Answer In general, replacing parts of a car's braking system costs more for higher-priced cars. Replacing brake pads and rotors typically cost between $300 and $650, depending on the make and model of the... Read More »

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How to Replace Brake Rotors vs. Machining Brake Rotors?

When dealing with brake rotors and the possibility of needing new ones, it is important to consider all the options before making a decision. Replacing the brake rotors can be expensive, not only f... Read More »

How to Replace the ABS Brake Pads?

ABS, or anti-lock braking systems, consist of multiple components working in concert to provide stopping power for a wide range of vehicles. The system employs a method of forcing brake fluid throu... Read More »

How to Replace Brake Disks?

Disk brakes are the dominant automotive braking technology in use today. The working principle is simple. A stationary caliper uses specially designed pads to "grab" a disk that is fixed to the rot... Read More »

How to Replace a Brake Hose?

A brake hose is flexible, strong and gives great service. But a brake hose can also wear down and may develop dangerous leaks, putting your safety on the road at risk. If a brake hose, which connec... Read More »