My fiance is 22 and im 17 and I been dating Him 2 years now and Me and him got into some trouble a while ago and now the state picked up the charges How much trouble can he get into?

Answer it dependes on what state you are in lie in V.A the law says that the legal age of consect to sex is 16 and it is legal for you to date someone at most 3 years older with parental consitnt. if your... Read More »

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Why is so much money put into treatments for cancer and none into preventing cancer?

Excellent question. You are wise to think of this. ' Wish more people would think along these lines.We could help ourselves so much if we would prevent cancers in the first place. The plague of t... Read More »

How much money can you put into an HSA?

According to Kiplinger, you can contribute up to $3,000 for individual coverage or $5,950 for family coverage to a health savings account annually for the 2009 tax year. People age 55 and older c... Read More »

How Much Can a Couple Put into an IRA?

Each person must maintain his own Individual Retirement Account, even if he is married. Therefore, each spouse can contribute up to the annual limit. For 2010, the IRS caps IRA contributions at $5,... Read More »

How much can you fit into 8GB of storage?

You can fit about 1750 songs and 10 hours of video