How much is a bottle of Smirnoff Ice?

Answer On average, Smirnoff Ice costs about $1.40 a bottle. Prices vary from state to state and store to store. Also, some states sell by the bottle and other states only sell it in six-packs and larger.S... Read More »

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How much alcohol is in Smirnoff apple vodka?

A 70 cl bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple Twist vodka contains 35 percent alcohol by volume, or ABV, which means it is 70 proof. This equates to 9.9 g of alcohol per 1 oz. of vodka, or a 25 ml single... Read More »

How much is a water bottle, wine bottles, soda cans and juice cartoons worth at the bottle depot.?

Depending on where you are, what state....Depends on what deposit it says on the bottles-noting too, they must be washed,c leaned before reaping such deposit, usually .05-.10 per can or bottleIf y... Read More »

How much smirnoff ices does it take to get tipsy?

That depends on a lot of factors, like your weight and metabolism, alcohol tolerance, how quickly you drink them, etc. Smirnoff Ice is 5.5% ABV, and beers usually range between 4.5 and 7 ish. So ho... Read More »

How much is a bottle of dreft?

The price of a bottle of Dreft laundry detergent depends on the type and size. A basic 50-ounce, 32-load bottle of high efficiency detergent costs approximately $12.50 as of April 2010, while the ... Read More »