How much is iphone4 in Saudi Arabia?

Answer theres an app called app backup you have to do research on it because my dad hacked mine ipod

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How much is the original iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia?

tell me how do i know my iphone4 charge complete with usb cable ?

How much does it cost to ship an ipad 2 from US to Saudi Arabia?

Just download the iPhone version. There is no native iPad version, but you can get the iPhone version and it should run just fine.

How to Call Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Arabia International call code is (+966) .If you want to call a Saudi No. all you need to do is the following :

Is Mecca in Saudi Arabia?

Yes. According to Inside Islam from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the goal of the hajj, a religious pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims. This religious rite, held in... Read More »