How much is invisalign?

Answer The Invisalign system straightens teeth with removable clear-plastic forms. It costs about the same as traditional metal braces, starting at $3,500 and averaging around $5,000 according to the comp... Read More »

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Did anybody use the Invisalign Cleaning system (Cleaning Crystals) to clean Invisalign aligners?

I use them because ultimately they work better than anything I've tried so far, but they're so damn expensive. They used to be only $9.95 for a box of 25, but they increased the price of the packe... Read More »

Invisalign/ tmj ...could invisalign be hurting me?

You should not have started wearing them again after a long stop. They don't fit your teeth. Take them out and go see your orthodontist.


Invisalign is a great product if you are a good candidate, which would need to be determined by an Invisalign provider. Usually you can have a free consultation. I would recommend having a consul... Read More »

Do I need to get invisalign?

Sorry - it won't be really Invisalign for only $800 - it costs a lot more than that.Your teeth are never "stable". Like every other part of your body, they will continue to change with time. If y... Read More »