How much is house insurance?

Answer The average cost of house insurance is approximately $800 for 1 year. The cost of house insurance varies due to the condition, value and location of the house. The cost also varies between insuranc... Read More »

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Does house rental insurance cover damages to the house?

A renter's insurance policy covers any damage and liability that occurs to your rented home while you live there. However, some basic policies do not cover major natural disasters, such as floods o... Read More »

If a car strikes a house whose insurance will cover the damage to the house?

Answer Depends on whose fault it is. If for some reason, the house was moved to the middle of the road in the middle of the night, then it probably wouldn't be the drivers fault that there was a h... Read More »

Does the home owners insurance cover the damages if you rented a power tool and damage either the rented tool or your house or a third party in your house?

What is insurance for a house?

Generically, it is referred to as homeowners insurance. There are various types of it, such as that which:1. Covers the building itself;2. Covers the building and contents;If you are asking about c... Read More »