How much is home insurance in New Jersey?

Answer According to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, 2009 rates for homeowner's insurance in New Jersey range from about $410 to about $1750 per year. Rates depend on coverages, locatio... Read More »

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What is the average cost of home insurance premiums in new jersey?

Home insurance premiums vary greatly from state to state. According to figures from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, in New Jersey the average price of home insurance premiums i... Read More »

If you are 16 and a half and move from New York to New Jersey can you get New Jersey auto insurance even though you have a New York Junior license?

Answer It depends on the age of the child. Technically, the parent is responsible for anything that the child does up to the age of resposibility, whatever that is in your state.Instead of worryin... Read More »

Is there an auto insurance company in New Jersey that offers temporary insurance?

What you mean by temporary, if it's six months some companies can insure you, I suggest you view offers from different companies in your area.

Can you decline Personal Injury Protection Insurance in New Jersey if your health insurance company pays medical expenses from an auto accident?