How much is gold by the gram?

Answer The price of gold fluctuates routinely, as it is a highly traded commodity. The price per gram has been $37 to $38 during 2010. As of April 29th, the price of gold was $37.88 per gram.Source:Gold P... Read More »

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How big is a gram of gold?

A gram of gold, which is often described as a nugget, is very small--approximately 0.0353 ounces. It takes 31 grams of gold to equal a troy ounce. The price of a gram of gold fluctuates daily in ta... Read More »

How big is a 1 gram bar of gold?

The size of a bar of gold weighing 1 g varies slightly depending on the producer. Most 1 g bars of gold (gold ingots or gold wafers) measure 8 by 15 mm, or 0.315 by 0.59 inches, according to LynnCo... Read More »

How many electrons in a gram of gold?

There are 79 electrons in every gold atom. One gram of gold has about 3.057 sextillion (or 3.057 x 1.000000e+21) atoms. Therefore, there are 24,150,300,000,000,000,000,000 electrons per gram of gol... Read More »

How much more energy does 1 gram of uranium produce than 1 gram of coal?

One gram of uranium can produce about 3 million times as much energy as a gram of coal. A gram of uranium-235 can release about 23 megawatt hours of heat. You’d need 3 tons of coal to generate th... Read More »