How much is gastric band surgery?

Answer Although the cost of gastric band surgery can vary according to geographical region, the bill can total up to $30,000. This includes the facility, surgeon and anesthesiologist charges. You can also... Read More »

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How much does gastric bypass surgery cost?

According to the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center, the average cost for a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure was $22,500 as of January 2010. The average charge for a L... Read More »

How much do surgeons make from gastric bypass surgery?

Depending greatly on geographical location and (sometimes) the reason needed for the gastric bypass, surgeons can charge anywhere from $18,000 to $35,000 for this surgery.Source:Guide to Bypass Sur... Read More »

How much recovery time is needed after gastric bypass surgery?

It can take up to six weeks to recover fully from gastric bypass surgery. Hospital stays can last three to four days for laparoscopic surgery and seven to 14 days for open surgery. Patients may usu... Read More »

How much does a gastric band cost privately?

Depending on the state where gastric band surgery is performed, the cost can range from $8,000 to $30,000, and the required follow-up visits can cost anywhere from $35 to $200 each.Source:Bariatric... Read More »