How much is the U. S. dollar in Europe?

Answer In Europe the exchange rate is 1 euro equals $1.21 (as of June 29, 2010). How much a U.S. dollar is worth is a fluctuating number, and the exchange rate between currencies is always changing. Exact... Read More »

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How much do veterinarians make in Europe?

The salaries of veterinarians in Europe vary depending on their experience and the size and type of practice they work for. On average, the staring salary of a vet in a European Union country will ... Read More »

How much are postal stamps to Europe?

Mailing a regular sized letter to Europe costs 98 cents, as of 2009, although the time varies on delivery. For priority mail, or a six- to 10-day delivery time, it costs $12.95 to mail a letter to ... Read More »

How much would a trip to Europe cost?

Depending on your itinerary and accommodations, the price of a trip to Europe varies tremendously. If you stay in a hostel and prepare your meals rather than dine out, then airfare will be the bigg... Read More »

How much money do I need to move to Europe?

The cost of living in Europe varies by country. In most respects the cost of living is greater than than that of the United States. Rent may be low in some areas, only to be matched by higher dai... Read More »