How much is fifty pounds of Egyptian money worth in American money?

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What kind of money does Venezuela have and how much is it worth to the American dollar?

According to The Money Converter, since January 1, 2008, the "bolivar fuerte" (VEF), which means "strong bolivar," is the official currency of Venezuela and replaces the bolivar (VEB). As of June ... Read More »

What is the name of Egyptian money?

The Egyptian unit of currency is called the Egyptian pound. According to Corporate Information, as of June 2010, one Egyptian pound is equivalent to approximately 17 or 18 American cents.References... Read More »

What was ancient Egyptian money called?

The ancient Egyptians did not have money, and instead relied on a set scale of weights and measures of goods in order to exchange goods and services. Beer, meat and cloth were the most commonly tra... Read More »

How much money is two hundred pounds in dollars?

As of June 10, 2010, the exchange rate of British pounds sterling to U.S. dollars was 0.683283. At that exchange rate, 200 British pounds is equivalent to 292.7045 U.S. dollars.References:Exchange ... Read More »