How much is deworming?

Answer Kittens should have a full deworming, which costs between $30 and $130. A full deworming of a grown cat costs about the same; treating for one specific type of worm is cheaper. A dog deworming cost... Read More »

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Heartgard Deworming Medication?

Any dog that spends time outside is at risk for being bit by a mosquito. Since mosquitoes carry parasites like worms, this can also put that dog at risk for heartworm. Heartworms attack a dog's hea... Read More »

What medicine should i give my 2 years old son for deworming?

Plain & simple. The med that his doctor suggests.

I know that eating too much toothpaste can be fatal, but how much is too much?

If you're having it for breakfast, dinner and tea that's too much. It's important to have a balanced diet. However, I do recommend Arm and Hammer washed down with a lovely glass of Original Listeri... Read More »

How do you know if you`re an alcoholic friends say i drink too much, how much is too much?

Some very good answers here.If you friends are commenting on your drinking habits this is a classic sign that things aren't right. You say you don't get drunk during opening hours. That implies t... Read More »