How much is childbirth in Texas?

Answer It is free if you have a natural childbirth at home.

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How much weight do you lose after childbirth?

Immediately after childbirth, a woman loses the weight of the baby, about 2 pounds of fluid and about 2 pounds of placenta. About 4 pounds of water is then shed over the next week. Many women retur... Read More »

Why do women complain so much about childbirth...?

Can I sit on that finger you are holding up???

How much is the inheritance tax in Texas?

Texas does not impose an inheritance tax on its residents. As of June 2010, only 11 states impose an inheritance tax: Pennsylvania, Iowa, Kansas, Connecticut, Tennessee, Indiana, Oregon, Nebraska, ... Read More »

How much soil is in Texas?

Texas, with 261,797 square miles of land, covers more area than New England. Due to the variations in Texas' land and climate, not all of the land contains soil worthy of agriculture and gardening.... Read More »