How much is carnival glass worth?

Answer Carnival Glass is a specialized type of molded, pressed iridescent glass that was first produced in the early 1900s. The appeal to collectors lies in the beauty of the iridescence and the uniquenes... Read More »

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What is Fenton carnival glass?

In 1907, the Fenton Glass Company began producing a line of inexpensive molded glassware with attractive surface treatments. Because it was often given away in carnival promotions, it became known ... Read More »

How to Collect Carnival Glass?

Carnival glass is glass that has been pressed and given an iridised surface treatment that makes it sparkle with a lustre similar to the rainbows produced by oil in a puddle. It is starting to beco... Read More »

When was carnival glass first made?

Carnival glass, originally known as "Iridescent Ware," was first made in 1907 by the Fenton Art Glass Company. Some pieces eventually became popular as prizes at carnivals and fairgrounds, earnin... Read More »

How to Identify a Piece of Carnival Glass?

You recently picked up a beautiful piece of rainbow-colored glass at a local flea market. Turning it over you notice the striking color change and begin to wonder if your new treasure has a name. Y... Read More »